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Overview of the Support Blade

What is the Support Blade, and what does it do?

By Client Success
March 29, 2024

The Support Blade acts similar to HighLevel's "Help" button, and allows your SaaS clients to access various support channels for their account. We designed the Support Blade using as many native HighLevel tools as possible, giving you the ability to tailor it to fit your brand perfectly. For advanced functionality beyond what HighLevel provides, it uses the GHL Customizer to power its main features.

PREREQUISITES: You must be on the Agency Plan or Full Lifetime Membership for The Marketer's Toolkit to access the Support Blade.


Custom Header Button:

The Header Button powered by the GHL Customizer puts a button in the very top-right area of your HighLevel - giving you the power to simulate HighLevel's Help Button for Agency Teams... except this one is for your SaaS Clients!


Location ID Generator:

The Location ID Generator grabs the User's Location ID and populates it, which can come in handy for the User to share it with your agency's support team. Additionally, the Location ID itself is 'click-to-copy', making it easy to paste elsewhere.



Click-Actions allow your SaaS clients to open various pages right inside your platform! We've also included a function that automatically prevents Users from right-clicking on the icons (this prevents outside access & forces your SaaS Users to stay logged in your platform to access the content).

Use-Case Examples:

  • An agency team may want to allow easy access to a HighLevel-powered Community Group for their SaaS clients from within HighLevel itself (vs the normal Community Group site).

  • An agency team may have a Help Center site that's not hosted on HighLevel, but they want to allow SaaS clients to access it from within HighLevel.

  • An agency team may have a calendar specifically for SaaS clients to get support, and they need a way to allow only those people to access it.

  • An agency team may want to integrate a 3rd party app (that allows it to be iframed).


Customizable Themes:

We've included 6 different Themes presets for you to further customize to your liking. You can easily modify the list of support options, change colors, font style, icons, and more!


To get started

Log in to your Marketer's Toolkit for Go High Level account and head over to the Solution Library > Funnels > How To Setup and Customize the Support Blade.

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