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How To Set Up QuickEditor

Getting started with QuickEditor

By Client Success
April 4, 2024
  1. Access the QuickEditor Admin panel here:


  1. Enter your white-label domain that you use for HighLevel, then click the orange "Click To Create your QuickEditor Account" button to generate your License Key.


  1. Give the system a few moments to process, and your page should eventually show your License Key in this area:


  1. After you have your License Key, click the "Open in Google Chrome Store" button. You will be taken to the QuickEditor extension page in the Google Chrome Store.

From here, install QuickEditor by clicking the "Add to Chrome" button.


  1. Once installed, open the QuickEditor Extension in your Chrome extension bar, and you be prompted to enter your License Key.


  1. Enter your License Key and then click the "Register License" button.

  2. You should then see the QuickEditor interface.


  1. From here, you can just navigate to one of your HighLevel Pages, Forms, Surveys, or Calendars by entering the URL into your browser's address bar.

    Then you can use QuickEditor.

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