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Overview of the Lockout Page Themes

By Client Success
June 5, 2024

The Lockout Page Themes allow you to 'lock out' your SaaS clients from accessing certain menu items until they upgrade their subscription, or otherwise purchase an 'upgrade' or 'add-on' for their account (depending on your specific use-case). We designed the Lockout Page Themes using as many native HighLevel tools as possible, giving you the ability to tailor it to fit your brand perfectly. For advanced functionality beyond what HighLevel provides, it uses the GHL Customizer to power its main features.

PREREQUISITES: You must be on the Agency Plan or Full Lifetime Membership for The Marketer's Toolkit to access the Lockout Page Themes.

Toolkit Setup Requirements: GHL Customizer Location Groups with Google Sheet integration.


Works with Location Group Menu Items:

The Location Group Menu Items powered by the GHL Customizer puts a menu item in the native left-side main menu area of your HighLevel - giving you the power to build your own custom menus per location group, or re-build HighLevel's native main menu while teasing locked features with a functional Lockout Page.


Automate Access to Paid Add-on Features Using Google Sheets for Location Groups:

You can use the Google Sheets integration with GHL Customizer Location Groups to automate giving access to upgraded add-on features in your SaaS.


Choose between directing SaaS clients to Settings > Billing or a Check-Out Form:

Lockout Page Themes 1 & 2 use a button to direct your SaaS clients to their Settings > Billing page. This method is compatible with HighLevel's native SaaS Configurator Location Upgrade function (see more here).

Lockout Page Themes 3 - 6 use a 1-Step Check-Out form to take payment, and then upon form submission, will redirect the user to the Dashboard page while also refreshing their browser to reveal their newly accessible menu item. This method works well for selling 3rd-party white-label add-ons (or your own software add-ons).

Customizable Themes:

We've included 6 different Theme presets for you to further customize to your liking. You can easily modify the Lockout Page elements, change colors, font style, icons, and more using the native GHL Funnel Builder.


To get started

Log in to your Marketer's Toolkit account and head over to the Solution Library > Funnels > How To Set Up & Customize Lockout Page Themes.

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