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Features Button: Opportunity Pipelines Overview

By Client Success
November 11, 2022

0:06 Hi, this is Ashton with the Marketers Toolkit. Today we're going over the Opportunity Pipeline features in the Ghl customizer. So here we are in the Ghl customizer.

0:16 Under features, we have eight settings under opportunity pipelines.

Contact Button on Edit Opportunity

0:19 The first one is this contact button on the edit opportunity. So if we are in our ghl, if we click on any one of these opportunities, we have a big green button that says Go to contact details.

0:32 Now you have a little icon here, but that pops up in a new window and this one goes directly to the card.

Opportunity Tags

0:37 The next one is the opportunity to tags. Now this adds a CSS class to your opportunities based on the tags that you've selected.

0:46 So you can see here that the opportunities that have a tag for hot have been colored red, and the opportunities with the tag for cold have been colored blue.

0:56 And that is all done through the toolkit. So the first thing that you need is by checking this, this adds the class to it.

1:04 And then the other half of it, where you choose the colors, is actually over in the theme builder. So we're gonna open up the theme builder, and in the search box we're gonna search for opportunity.

1:14 And there's a section called opportunity card features. You have this activated and under customize, you have the ability to create color combos for every tag.

1:25 So here I've got the cold tag, and here I've got the hot tag with their appropriate colors.

Call Button on Modal

1:32 The next option here is the call button.

1:35 Now this call button just again gets added to the individual opportunity. When you open it up, you've got a link right here that will go directly to calling this customer.

Show Date in Opportunity Cards

1:47 Next one is the show date. In the opportunity cards, you may have noticed that on this page, along with the colors, each opportunity lists the date that it was created, and that is from this checkbox.

Compressed Opportunity View

2:00 Next is the compressed opportunity view. You have this adds its little box right here in the top left. If you click on it, it will compress all of these opportunities.

2:10 So you just see the title. All right.

Enable Click and Drag in Opportunities

2:15 And next one up is the enable click and drag in opportunities.

2:19 Now you can only already click and drag the opportunities around, but with this you can actually drag the page. So you can click on the background and move your page back and forth.

2:30 If you have a long page, this makes it much easier to scroll around.

Opportunities Hidden by Date Filter Warning

2:35 The next option is the opportunities hidden by date filter warning.

2:39 Now sometimes you can search for a date. You wanna just see the opportunities in the last 30 days and that will hide some of your opportunities.

2:49 This puts a little mark here to bring your attention to this item hiding some of your opportunities so they don't get lost.

2:58 And you have the option here to change its color as well.

Collapse Pipeline

3:01 The last one is the collapse pipeline. Now if you are wanna close down some of these pipelines for whatever reason, you can click on them and they will com compress down into a vertical column so you can easily see across your, across your board.

3:18 And that is it. Those are the eight options in the customized features for opportunity pipelines.

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