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Recent Releases Overview

GHL Customizer Features

By Client Success
November 26, 2022

0:05 Hi, this is Ashton with the Marketers Toolkit and today we're going over the recent releases in the features of Ghl Customizer.

0:13 So here under recent releases and the customize features, we have six options. Now there we're adding things to this all the time.

Contact Details - Auto Save

0:20 This first one is contact details auto save, which is a extremely useful one. When you are working on contacts this changes it so there's no longer a save button.

0:30 You have a little checkbox here whether or not you're going to be auto saving. And whenever you change something the, and then you select the new input.

0:39 You'll see that it, the auto save says it saves for a second and then it is done saving. So every time you add or change and input, it will automatically save it for you.

Contacts Search

0:53 The next option is contact search, which is extremely useful when you are working in a contact as well. This adds a little search box up here, and if I put in name, it will show me all of the inputs that have the word name in the title.

1:07 So if I put in a website, it'll show me all the website inputs. Another really useful one, instead of having to scroll down to the place you need to go, you can just type in what you need and you'll get it.

User Last Login & Auto Logout

1:18 The next option is user to Last login and Auto log out. If you check this check here on Auto Logout, you'll get an option to say how many days you would like your users to automatically get logged out by.

1:32 So you can make this 10 days or one day and then save it by default. This does display the date of the last login for users on the account and agency team pages.

1:46 Here we are on a sub-account view where you can see under my staff we now have a column called Last Login, and you can see when your users have logged in before.

Tasks Count

1:57 The next option is task counts, and this next to tasks add a little number to tell you how many outstanding tasks are currently in that section.

2:08 So you have a little checkbox here to make the number be right aligned, and you can also change the colors, so you can change the border and the background and the text color as well.

User Import/Export Contacts

2:21 This next option is users import export contacts. This allows all users to import and export your contacts, including sub-accounts, which normally is not available.

2:31 Here I am on a sub-account page on a main contacts list, and you can see that we now have two icons here to export and import contacts.

2:38 Now both of those options are not available by default, and now not only they're available, they're extremely easy to use.

2:44 Check the boxes and you can export them.

Twilio & Mailgun Integrations

2:49 This is a similar feature in that TWI and mail gun integrations are currently available for agency accounts, but not for subaccounts.

2:57 And here you can see on a subaccount I have both the mail gun and the TWI account integrations available. I.

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