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Entire System Overview

GHL Customizer Features

By Client Success
December 19, 2022

0:05 Hi, this is Ashton and today we're going over the Ghl customizer featured section and today we are looking at the entire system and the first thing we're gonna look at is the custom faviconon.

Custom Favicon

0:17 Now the Custom Favicon section is pretty straight forward when you turn it on. You can put in a link here to a image, a Favicon that you can that you've uploaded to a website somewhere.

0:29 You save that and you publish it live. And then this icon up here at the top will get replaced with your new Favicon.

0:37 So you can, it won't just use your logo image. And there it is. Now with the correct logo.

Update Title Tag with Page, Notification & Location

0:43 this next one is pretty simple but also very useful and that is that this will update the title tag of your page with notifications and locations.

0:52 So you see here up in, on this tab it says Smart list cuz we're on the smart list page. If we're on the conversations page, it'll say conversations.

1:00 And there are some settings here with some colors and even some notification icons that you can get added to it. It's very useful.

Enable Notification Settings and Sounds

1:08 Enable notification settings and sounds. This is the third option and this one allows you to add some additional notifications to your go high level.

1:19 So you have a notifications button up here on the top. And this option when enabled adds this little settings drop down.

1:25 When you click on it, you get some additional options. It'll show unread count. You can show bubbles and play sounds.

1:31 So it'll make that little water drop sound and it also makes a note there so you can see if push notifications are on

Logo Click goes to Dashboard

1:41 This setting is also pretty simple and straightforward, but very useful when you have it enabled. Your logo, when you click on it will take you back to your primary dashboard.

Disable Twilio Warning

1:53 If you're setting up your high level account to not be connected to Twilio or you don't have it set up yet or you wanna stop seeing this notification, having this enabled will hide this notification permanently.

Add search to custom values, custom fields and message templates

2:12 This is a pretty simple one and very useful when you're in the dashboard, You've got a new search box here. Under settings, custom fields you have a search box. So if you type in something, it'll auto filter to only display those values or fields.

User permissions import export

2:36 Now this feature allows you to input and export the user permissions you've set on your staff.

2:46 If you are here in your dashboard, under my staff, you have the editability next to any of your staff members and you have your user permissions here and all of these.

2:57 There's a lot of check boxes here on and off. You can these and save them and then import into another account or vice versa to make that nice and easy to manage user permissions.

Hide the Location Switch

3:11 Now this is very useful if you have users with only one location. They don't need to have the drop down menu to switch accounts, so there's no point in having it there.

3:21 This option will hide it. So right now I'm in an account that has multiple accounts. This will disappear if you only have one account.

Blur Contact Details for Demos

3:30 This one is Blur Contact details for demos. Here I am on the staff page of my dashboard and if I'm doing a demo like I am, I can hit control shift H and we blur out all of those demo contacts, their contact information, name, email, phone, et cetera.

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