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By Client Success
February 21, 2023

Introduction to the Conversation View Options in the Marketer's Toolkit for Go High Level.

0:05 Hi, this is Ashton with the Marketers Toolkit for Go High Level. And today we're going over the conversation view in the Ghl Customizer.

0:13 So to get there, we're going under features and we have a section called conversation View 

Email Statistics in the Conversation View

0:23 And the first thing I'm gonna show you is the before. Here I am looking at a test contact. I know you'd have to click details and then you'd see that it could be, it was opened.

0:32 And with this option selected, you have the tags added right here. You can see they were added and you can see they were clicked. You can see it is accepted.

Messaging Upgrades

0:40 This section has a handful of check boxes, which are super useful. All right, the first one we're gonna talk about is 

Filter conversations by type.

0:51 Now this has actually been replaced already by the default go high level filters here, and you can use this as a pretty good filter system now.

1:01 So that will probably be going away pretty soon. The second item here is 

Conversation Icon Styles. 

1:10 Now here are the icon it's talking about and the styles on the left.

1:14 The default has color and a number or maybe the first two letters of their names (their initials). And by selecting this checkbox, it will change it from this to this.

1:29 So you can see there's now a phone icon and a text icon and an @ symbol for email icon. So you can tell what type of conversation it is.

Change Contact Avatar

1:39 Similarly, there is the change contact avatar, which changes that same icon on the top right hand side here where it says Bob Smith. It gets replaced by a person's icon.

Style Conversations Based on Contact Tags

1:57 This link at the top will give you specific CSS and video tutorials for how to customize and write your own CSS to style your conversations.

2:06 But even better, we have set up in the theme builder how to color and style your own tags. So if you come to the theme builder and search for conversations. Click on this icons for tags and conversations, you click on customize and you'll have the tags option.

2:24 And you can create styles for every tag you want. I have created a style for cold with this icon and some blue colors, and I've created some styles for hot with this icon and some red colors.

2:38 So now if I go to my conversation view, I have conversations here which are red, which means they were tagged hot and the blue ones clearly were tagged cold.

2:50 Next three options we'll discuss have to do with this messaging box at the bottom of your conversation's window, where you can send a message or an email.

Add intuitive message interactions and increase the height of the email box.

3:05 So here is what your email messaging box looks like by default. And when you hit enter you get a line break that is a full paragraph break.

3:15 And this is the new layout with a simpler navigation. And whenever you hit enter, it only does a single line break.

3:23 So you can put line the text directly after each other

Disable enter to send. 

3:29 You can see here when you are sending a SMS message, a Facebook message, a Google My Business message or a similar, you have one text box here and if you type in your message here and you hit enter, it will send that message with this checkbox.

3:46 Enable. If you type in your message here and click enter, it will give you a new line break and you can continue to type your message on a second line.

Enable optional enter to send message toggle.

3:56 This will add a check box at the bottom that says Hit shift, enter to send.

4:07 And if you uncheck that, it will return back to normal, where if you hit the enter key, it will send the message.

4:13 If you have this selected, hitting the enter key will not send the message.

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