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By Client Success
February 21, 2023

Introduction to the Smart List Options and Upgrades in the Marketer's Toolkit for Go High Level.

0:05 Hi, this is Ashton with the Marketers Toolkit. We're gonna go over the smart list and the Ghl Customizer. If you go under our Ghl Customizer > Features > Smart Lists, and our first option here is 

Contact Smart List upgrades.

Add refresh link

0:20 Check this box, activate the first upgrade, which is add refresh buttons. This adds a refresh button to your Contact Smart list.

0:31 So here we are in Go High Level under Contact Smart List, and we have our contact list here. And now we have a link here that says Refresh.

0:39 And when you click that, it'll refresh all of your contacts without reloading the entire page. So we can go here and delete this contact, confirm, and then we can click refresh and it's gone.

Save import field mappings for contacts

0:54 This feature allows you to easily import the same type of CSV files so you don't have to map all of the fields every time.

1:04 Okay, here we are in Go High Level under Contact Smart list, and we have the import contacts button. We are gonna drag in our CSV template and we're gonna import it.

1:16 And High Level will do its best to try to map the fields it needs, but it needs us to manually map these other options.

1:23 So I will select the email and the phone. Now I'm going to create a new preset and I will call this new preset, save the preset, and then hit Next.

1:43 Submit. We have completed the import. We will try another import with the same file, the same file format. Okay. It's got the same problems.

1:57 And we will select our new preset and apply preset. And now it selects email and phone correctly, so you don't have to manually set that anymore.

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