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Preview Mode & Export Settings

By Tom Bristol
March 8, 2023

We now have the ability to preview the changes we make inside the GHL Customizer. We had this originally, but removed it because it was confusing and not consistent. The feature has been revamped and should be easy and clear to use now.


  1. To access Preview Mode, click on the "edit" button and enter your white label domain.

  2. Click preview to pull up a preview of the location.

  3. Make changes as needed, and the changes will be saved automatically as you work.

  4. To revert changes, click "revert" and download the current draft settings.

  5. Reset the draft to the published version by saving and confirming the changes.

  6. Import drafts to replace the current version and reflect the changes made in the draft.

  7. Export drafts to save them for future use.

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