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Modifying the Settings Area with the Theme Builder & GHL Customizer

By Tom Bristol
August 29, 2023


There are a few different ways to modify the settings area of Go High Level using The Marketer's Toolkit.

Theme Builder - Rename & Hide Menu Items

  • Located in the solution, "Rename & Hide Menu Items" area, the Theme Builder allows for the hiding & renaming of various menu items including settings.

  • If a menu item is missing, it can be added upon request.

  • You can turn on/off, or hide menu items from everyone or specific types of users (everyone, sub account admins or users).

GHL Customizer - Menu Edits

  • Another feature available for menu customization is the 'Menu Edits' option.

  • It allows you to hide menu items, similar to what can be done in the Theme Builder.

  • If you are an agency admin, you get a hidden menu item under the user menu on the top right that allows you remove these menu edits.

  • You can use the feature called 'Location Groups' to group locations (subaccounts), offering more control over which locations receive the menu edits (the Theme Builder is currently a global).

GHL Customizer - User Settings Area

  • This area lets you hide settings only from Sub-Account Users & Admins respectively. Agency users & admins are unaffected.

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