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Intro to the Multi-Location Theme Builder Beta Test

How to use the Multi-Location Theme Builder Beta Test.

By Client Success
January 30, 2024

PLEASE NOTE: This feature is currently in beta and there are known bugs with the Theme Builder 'Preview Mode'.

Prerequisites: You must have access to both the Theme Builder and the GHL Customizer.

Learn more about Location Groups and how they function:

Setup Instructions

  1. Create and set up a new Location Group in the GHL Customizer (if you don't already have any). Click the "Publish to live" button.


  2. Open the Theme Builder.

    Location Groups that are Published in the GHL Customizer will appear in the Location Groups dropdown in the Theme builder (you may have to refresh your Theme Builder browser tab).

    There is also a "Global Theme" option in the Theme Builder dropdown that applies a Theme to any sub-account that is not part of a Location Group in the GHL Customizer.


  3. Choose a specific Location Group displayed in the Theme Builder dropdown.


  4. Enable the toggle switch for "Theme Active".


  5. Set your Main Theme and Activate it using the toggle switch. Then click the "Publish" button.


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