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VideoToDrive Overview

By Client Success
February 22, 2024

We created VideoToDrive originally as "UploadToDrive" to solve the problem of file uploads (before GHL had file upload fields). Last year, it was upgraded to include video capture straight to Google Drive.

Tom recorded a new overview of what VideoToDrive is.

It is included for free with our Full Lifetime Deal, but most people don't realize they don't need to have the Full Lifetime Deal to get it.

Send Files & Video Directly to Google Drive

It's got 2 pricing levels:

  • $15/month (File Uploads)

  • $30/month (Video Capture & Unlimited Client Invite Feature)

Video Testimonial Snapshot

The $30/month version allows you to build Video Testimonial System using GHL. We have a free snapshot available here for anyone who fills the form out:

File Uploads

GHL has a file upload feature, but the benefit of using Google Drive is the file organization and access.

With Google Drive, the files are separated out into folders for each upload and accessible outside of GHL immediately without any zaps.

👇 You can also snag a subscription to VideoToDrive below:
You'll need to sign in with your Google account to access the subscription options.)

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