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Features Button: Contact Details Overview

By Client Success
November 26, 2022

0:06 This is Ashton with the Marketers Toolkit. And today we're going over the Ghl Customizer. The features, the contact details. We're going over these six items that are currently available.

0:14 There's more adding all the time. And the first one we're going over is the contact details. UI fixes. This fixes two primary things.

Contact Details UI Fixes (Save Btn, Date Fix)

0:22 The first one is the date. Normally you have to go through and use this picker instead. You can now paste in your date directly.

0:29 The second is as soon as you change something you get the save button showing up at the top. Normally this shows up at the bottom, but we've changed it so it's up at the top and it's easier to notice.

Enable Drive Links & Open in New Window

0:44 The second option is the enabled drive link and open in a new window. So now if you are editing a contact and you have added a web address, you have a link here that if you click on it will automatically open in a new window.

0:57 And if it's a Google Drive link like this, it'll also have a link to open in Google Drive.

Snooze Contacts

1:05 The third option here is to snooze contacts.

1:08 Now this has a video to help you set it up, but the overall goal with this option allows you to mark a customer to be snoozed for now, and then remind you to check on them again at a later date in the future.

1:21 Let me show you what that looks like. So if I come here and I change, I select the snooze button and then I will say, December 7th, I don't want to contact this guy until December 7th.

1:31 I'll hit snooze. I will save the contact. And now on the contacts list, I have a follow up, not snoozed anymore button that will show me all contacts that have their snooze date has passed.

1:46 So it's now time for me to contact them.

View Map Buttons in Contacts

1:50 The next option is the view map buttons in the contacts. And this checkbox has three different options you can choose from.

1:59 And here on the contact list we where we have an address filled in, we've got the options to open up that address in Zillow, Google Maps for Maps.

Mark All as Read Button

2:09 The next option is the mark all as read button. Now this is for the older format. Not all the newer contact systems and newer agencies don't have this option, but I'll show you what it looks like.

2:21 Here I am in Conversations for a Contact, and you can see that I have a button here that says Mark All as Read.

Address Auto Complete

2:29 And this last option here is the Address Auto Complete. And this is very useful. Now when you're filling in someone's address, it will use Google Search to help find the location and automatically fill.

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